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3 Simple Ways to Care for Your Car Tires

Functional tires play a crucial role in the effective operation of a sound car but very often they are the underdogs when it comes to the overall car maintenance. It is not uncommon to find a flashy car with poorly maintained tires. Tires designed to be strong and durable may soon give in to wear and tear in the face of brute friction from roads accompanied with poor maintenance. Ideally, tires are to be changed every … month and a visit to a mechanic or car tire specialist should be made at least once in 6 months. You can spare yourself some unexpected spending and keep your car tires in the right condition by paying attention to these 3 simple care tips for your tires;

Check your tires pressure regularly:
The first step is to find out the right pressure for your tires following the car manual guide. The more you drive, the lower the pressure of your car becomes. This is why it is important to frequently (monthly or every two weeks) check your tire pressure using a pressure gauge especially if you drive very often. In the event when the tire pressure is low, ensure that your tires are pumped backed to the recommended pressure

Check the Wheel Alignment:
Misaligned tires do not go in a straight line. When you notice a wobbling steering or your car drifting off the road as you drive, it is very likely that your tires are misaligned. A frequent service check with the mechanic could help to detect and correct this.

Always make sure your tires are balanced:
Unbalanced tires wear faster and could be unsafe for driving. Tires become unbalanced when small weights of the tires become loose and do not counterbalance each other. This could lead to your misalignment of the tires and a wobbling steering.
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